Vegetarian Starters

Huevo Ranchero – €4.00
A crunchy deep fried corn tortilla covered by frijoles and a fried egg and topped by a spicy chipotle sauce
Jalapeños Rellenos – €5.90
4 deep-fried spicy jalapeño peppers filled with melted cheese and served with tortilla chips and guacamole
Ensalada ‘Mexico Lindo’ – €4.90
Sliced avocado, tomato and cotija cheese over a green salad with a vinegar, olive oil, mustard and honey dressing
Pacha Papa – €5.90
4 baby potatoes, halved and deep fried topped with re-fried ranchero beans and grated cheese
Nachos – €6.90
Grilled vegtables served on top of homemade corn tortilla chips smothered by melted ‘Monterrey Jack’ cheese and sour cream

Vegetarian Main Courses

Quesadilla – €7.50
2 grilled tortillas filled with melted cheese and grilled vegetables, served with mexican rice and re-fried beans
Fajitas – €9.50
Red and green bell peppers, tomatoes and sliced courgettes served on a sizzling platter, with 3 tortillas, ‘pico de gallo’, guacamole and sour cream on the side
Enchillada – €8.50
Filled tortilla of sautéed red and green bell peppers, onions and mushrooms, spiced by chopped, natural jalapeños, and smothered by melted ‘Monterey Jack’ cheese or ‘salsa mole’
Chimichanga – €8.50
A deep fried tortilla filled with frijoles, melted cheese, bell peppers & onions, topped by a spicy chipotle sauce. With mexican rice & corn tortilla chips
Veggie Rojo – €9.50
Highly spiced grilled vegetables over mexican rice. Served with ‘frijoles’, Nacho chips and corn-on-the-cob
A vegetarian adaptation of Emma’s famous ‘Chilli Rojo’