Tostada de Tinga – €4.00
A crunchy deep fried corn tortilla topped By refried beans & chicken in a spicy chipotle sauce
Jalapeños rellenos – €5.90
4 deep fried spicy jalapeño peppers filled with melted cheese, on a bed of homemade guacamole
Ensalada ‘Mexico Lindo’ – €4.90
Avocado, tomato and mexican cotija cheese over a green salad (with added tuna €5.90)
Quesadillas – €5.90
2 Grilled wheat tortillas filled with melted cheese + your choice of;  Chicken, Mexican Chorizo Sausage, or Tuna. With Guacamole & spicy chili chipotle sauce drizzled on the side
Coctel de Camarones ( Mexican Prawn Cocktail) – €5.50
Prawns in a spicy tomato, lime and chili sauce with fresh avocado
Aguacate Ensenada – €5.50
2 halves of fresh avocado topped by flaked tuna in natural yoghurt with horseradish
Tostada Noruega – €5.50
A crunchy deep fried corn tortilla topped by slices of fresh smoked salmon on a base of guacamole & jalapeños
Pacha Papa – €6.50
4 baby potatoes halved and deep fried, 2 topped by spicy texas style ‘chili con carne’, 2 topped by re-fried beans. All topped with grated cheese and served with a spicy chipotle dip
Nachos Tejanos – Everybody’s favourite –  ¡ andale !  
Nobody serves Nachos like Emma’s – we’re famous for them !
Homemade corn tortilla chips smothered in Emma’s spicy texas style ‘chili con carne ‘ & melted mexican ‘Monterrey Jack’ cheese topped by sour cream – €7.90
Nacho chips with melted cheese, sour cream & ‘pico de gallo’ – € 5.90
Nachos with 3 salsas, (guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo ) – €5.90

Starters to Share

Un Plato para Compartir (a plate for 2 to share) – €10.75
This plate is ideal for those that have never tried Mexican food before    
2 ‘pacha papa’ smothered by spicy texas style chili con carne and grated cheese, 2 cheese filled jalapeños, a quesadilla with spicy chorizo sausage, prawns in Emma’s spicy seafood sauce, plus homemade guacamole with spiced nacho chips
Alitas y Costillas (ribs and chicken wings for a BIG appetite) – €10.90
4 chicken wings plus a rack of pork ribs smothered in Emma’s homemade smokey barbeque sauce. Served with homemade corn nacho chips and onion rings